The most untapped route to market in 2022!

As repeatedly debated on LinkedIn, yesterday's cold calling session really cemented the idea in my mind that in 2022 cold calling has to be the most untapped route to market for B2B companies.

And as powerful as it is - particularly with the technology of ConnectAndSell, Inc - it goes without saying that your salespeople have to be on their A-game with the necessary skills to truly succeed.

The rich pickings are there for those who really hone their technique and nail their cold calling strategy. Money is being left on the table every day due to a lack of skill, confidence and strategy.

People really don't mind an ambush call as long as they are compelling and original.

So, what does it take?

A great opener is the first thing - there's a lot out there so pick one that works for you. It should break the ice & make them laugh a little to disarm them.

Make sure there is no hesitation or doubt in your voice.

Tone is everything...if you are:

- Too friendly - you're selling something

- Too flat or serious - you're boring

- Too passionate - you're salesy & annoying

Getting the tone right is a bit of a tightrope, but you have to find your own unique voice and style. What works for someone else may not work for you.

Keep an eye on your pace. Talking too quickly demonstrates nerves and you risk losing impact.

Self-confidence must be at its peak. To achieve this, you have to keep practicing...then refining...then reapplying what you think works best...until you are dynamite over the phone.

You need a compelling script / framework with a watertight 'breakthrough' message. It has to grab their full attention, stopping them in their tracks.

You need to connect with everything you say - if you don’t you’ll sound scripted and wooden. This lack of congruency will show up as a lack of confidence and will be pounced upon. You'll lose them.

You need to make sure your message is jargon-free. There is nothing worse than spewing up a whole load of techie drivel.

In one or two sentences you must eloquently describe a better outcome for their business based on a certain issue.

The challenge is to change their perspective and show them a better way.

This means leading, educating, being assertive and connecting with them on a human level.

Make sure you whet their appetite & limit your time on the call.

Do not get pulled into answering questions. You will lose control. It will force you into an elevator pitch.

They'll glean what they need & then tell you ‘we have that covered.'

You have to master the art of being interesting yet vague enough to warrant a second call.

And lastly – ENJOY IT!

Whilst this sounds like a ridiculous amount of plate spinning it does get easier.

And if anyone is really stuck, reach out and I'll see if I can help.

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