Top-Flight Sales

He was always top of the board.

Fellow team members, and high performing salespeople in their own right, would sit there scratching their heads as to how someone could be that consistent.

I was relatively new to the company and so asked if I could shadow him. Instead of looking on with confusion I wanted to get to know his secret so I could model him.

Now the reason behind his consistent excellence was not some 'mystical' ingredient. I discovered the one thing that ensured his top position month after month.

He quite simply had the most effective sales process. It connected to everything, including his pitch, research, the close, objection handling, his email outreach, his cold calling strategy. The whole shebang.

And he would get his head down and execute it with perfection. No distractions. Never lacking any focus. Always razor sharp and refining his process each and every day. And for that reason he always came out on top, without question.

As an ex army officer I wasn't surprised. His discipline was off the charts. And so this is exactly what I did. My sales exploded and I never looked back.

The key to high performance is having the most effective sales process in place. It's never static but on the contrary is constantly refined and improved. It isn't magic or particularly exciting but it is the difference that makes the difference.

And the results appear superhuman to those looking on with confusion.

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