Unnatural Filler Words - Urghhh!

"Fantastic" "Amazing"

"Brilliant" "Awesome"

What do these words have in common apart from being hugely positive?

They are filler words used by salespeople when speaking to prospective clients! I've been guilty of using them myself.

Often they are used in response to the most banal elements of a conversation:

"My name is Scott and I am a man."

"BRILLIANT!" responds the salesperson.

"I've just sat down."

"FANTASTIC!" they reply.

"I'm just finishing my coffee."


You get the idea...

We've all been on the end of these irritating fillers. They are often over-the-top, out of context and demonstrate nerves, tension or some other detrimental behavioural trait.

Listening back to sales calls I hear them all the time. I counted 23 BRILLIANTS during one 15 minute sales call the other day. Let me just say most of those 'brilliants' were responding to nothing brilliant at all.

They don't serve the salesperson and should be quickly identified and replaced by something representing normal human interaction.

Or silence!

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