Value Driven Selling

How many Monday morning sales meetings start with these types of questions?

· “So, how many clients did we help last week?”

· “What was the most value you added across all of your conversations last week?”

· “What are the top five most common challenges our clients face right now?”

· “What are the most effective five ways we helped prospects last week, which has led to more effective conversations and ultimately contractual business?”

How would these types of questions help change the behaviour of your sales team?

If it’s all about KPIs and targets, will this influence the way in which salespeople work? Will it demotivate them and negatively impact how they speak to prospective clients?

Of course, KPIs are critical in effectively measuring and monitoring a sales team. Yet adding value to client conversations must be the foundation in how a team can improve their KPIs. The primary focus should be helping as many prospects as possible to solve their problems, which should lead to a sharp increase in KPIs.

I wonder if those salespeople who identified the most client issues and best solutions are the people with the most impressive results?

Would the sharing of this information every week help improve the overall performance of the team? I would certainly hope so! #salescoach#saleseffectiveness#salestraining#salesconsulting

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