What exactly is rapport and how do we build it?

Everyone in sales is told they need to create rapport - but what does this actually mean and how do we build it?

A great way of looking at this is to turn the question around:

How can you tell when two people are in rapport?

You'll notice their body language, words and tonality tend to match one another. They mirror each other in posture, gesture, eye contact and breathing patterns. It’s like a dance where their movements & expressions are completely in sync.

On the other hand when two people are not in sync it is glaringly obvious.

Their body language is clunky and awkward. They are not engaged. They talk over each other. Their timing is off. They are not listening to one another and not empathising with the other's point of view.

Rapport is critical in order to gain trust, confidence, mutual understanding and an atmosphere of inclusion where people can respond freely.

Successful people build rapport and this creates opportunities and long-term working relationships.

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