When do you bring your solution into the conversation with prospects?

Salespeople are often told not to bring their solutions too early into discussions with prospects...

But how do you know when it's too soon?

And how do you gauge when is the right time?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following you're probably on the right track:

- Do you have a thorough understanding of their situation to the point you could win your local pub quiz - specialised subject your client - and walk home with the winning bottle of Prosecco?

- Do you understand your client's predicament better than they know it themselves?

- After unloading everything on you, bar the kitchen sink, do they ask you what you would suggest?

- Do they beg you to stop asking questions and to please just give it to them?

- Do you hear a satisfied sigh as you open up about your solution, almost as if you've put them out of their misery?

- As you announce you are now going to talk them through your solution, do you hear high fives all round at the other end of the call?

Any other signs you'd recognise?

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